COVID-19 Re-opening survey

In response to the COVID-19 emergency a large part of the glazing industry closed down, all around the same time. It will be helpful if everyone in the supply chain - suppliers, fabricators and installers - re-open at the same time as well. However, this may be tricky to coordinate.

To try to help the whole industry make an informed decision about when to re-open, we're running a survey. We hope that at the very least it starts an industry-wide conversation that helps us all gauge when to return to work and get on with what we all do best.

This is a rolling survey, and you can come back to it several times. At the moment you may not know when you will re-open, and that's fine. But in a couple of weeks things may change, and you may set a date to re-open. Let us know and we'll be able to track the changes in weekly updates.

The results will be published on this webpage and freely available to everyone.

Survey Results

Monday 27th April

The second set of results are in. Click the image to download the two-page PDF.


Wednesday 22nd April

Thanks to everyone who has taken part in the survey so far - the response has been fantastic. you can see the first set of results below (click on the image).

We're now asking you to take the same survey again, adjusting your answers if your company's position has changed. We'll start monitoring those changes to see if there's a move towards an opening date.

And if you haven't taken the survey yet, you can still do so. It's completely anonymous and only takes one minute to complete.

Just click the big red survey button above.

Friday 17th April

The first set of results are in, and they make pretty interesting reading.

Click the image to download the two-page PDF.


Tuesday 14th April

The survey has only just launched, so there are no results to publish yet. As soon as we have some results, they will be published here.

Please check back here soon!

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