Established 1977

Roseview has been manufacturing windows since 1977, and switched to specialising in uPVC sash windows in 1985. Nobody else has that level of dedicated manufacturing experience and expertise. It’s a big part of why we continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible with timber-alternative windows, seamlessly combining traditional design with exceptional modern performance.

Modern Scale

Given that we’re a niche manufacturer specialising in one product type, customers are often surprised at the sheer scale of our operation. We manufacture hundreds of sash windows every week from our modern 50,000 square feet manufacturing facility in Olney. Through our unique mix of state-of-the-art technology, more than 100 knowledgeable and experienced staff and a fleet of ten vehicles, we manufacture and deliver sash windows to hundreds of customers across the UK and – sometimes – beyond.

In-house Foiling

Not many people know we own a specialist foiling company, allowing us to offer a broad range of foiled sash windows at competitive prices with short lead times. This includes our renowned traditional “chalk” textured heritage foil, which closely matches the appearance and feel of painted timber.

State-of-the-art Manufacturing

After that, we decided that we could only take the next step towards true timber authenticity if we started developing our own profiles, rather than relying on others. So we did. Our Ultimate Rose sash window contains several profiles and components designed and tested by us and manufactured exclusively for our use by companies like Rehau and Caldwell. This includes our industry-leading 35mm midrail, deep cill, staff bead and chamber filler solutions, and some exclusive sash gearing and hardware. We even use specialised sealed units, with deeper seals that provide a greater bonding area, while maintaining shallow level spacer bar lines. These are all just more examples of how we’ve moved beyond being a simple fabricator into a full service manufacturer and leader in our field. So we may be making traditional windows in a traditional setting, but we’re far from being a traditional company.

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From the very beginning we’ve built an unrivalled reputation for innovation. This includes developments such as: seamless technology, removable staff beads, flat and seamless run-through horns and traditional deep cills. Recent developments that are unique to Roseview include our innovative chamber filler, Eclipse vent hood, Seahorse pattern run-through horns and – most recently – patented ThermoVFlex technology that provides a 1.2w/m 2 K u-value without requiring specialist triple or vacuum glazing.


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The Roseview Timeline

Company founded

Roseview Timeline



Roseview Timeline

First company in the UK and world to specialise in uPVC sash windows

Moved to bigger factory on same trading estate

Roseview Timeline



Roseview Timeline

First UPVC sash window supplier to offer two systems

(Rehau and Plastmo, which is now Eurocell)

Original owner sold Roseview to combination of a supplier and management team member

Roseview Timeline



Roseview Timeline

Developed and launched in-house run-through horn

Launched Ultimate Rose, first mechanically jointed sash window

Roseview Timeline



Roseview Timeline

Won G Award for Best Product

Developed our own full length aluminium astragal bar carrier system

Roseview Timeline



Roseview Timeline

G Award for Customer Care

Launched Ultimate Rose Mk3

Roseview Timeline



Roseview Timeline

Increased factory space and machinery investments

More than doubled factory space to 50,000 square feet. Over £1 million invested in new machinery and software

Seahorse sash horn launch

Roseview Timeline



Roseview Timeline

Launched range of enhanced features

including removable staff bead and chamber cover

Launch of patented ThermoVFlex 1.2

Roseview Timeline


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