Conservation Areas

In England, there are approximately 10,000 conservation areas. These areas protect the historical presence that glows through the architecture of a location. If your property lies within a conservation area, there are restrictions on what you can do to that building. However, in most cases, there is no restriction on changing your windows, as ‘permitted development’ allows you to perform certain types of work without planning permission.

Despite this, further restrictions can be enforced in conservation areas. If an ‘Article 4 Direction’ sits on top of a conservation area, specific development is not approved under ‘permitted development’ and therefore needs a planning application. This can apply to individual properties or defined areas, so if your property is in a conservation area and has an Article 4 Direction in force, you can’t alter the windows without first getting planning permission.

Listed Buildings

Unfortunately, even stricter restrictions exist if your property has a ‘Listed Status’. Unlike conservation areas, a listed status only applies to buildings. Under government control and overseen by Historic England, three different grading systems determine the national importance of a building and if it is worthy of protection. These buildings are challenging and almost impossible to develop as their appearance, and the use of modern materials against traditional materials are major concerns.

With an understanding of conservation areas and their restrictions, our devoted team at Roseview Windows are improving buildings without changing their traditional appearance. Our sash windows allow conservated areas to maintain the historical architecture stapled in British heritage from the late 17th century to the early 20th century.

uPVC Sash Windows

As you can imagine, the original windows of these conservated properties can leave a property unsecure, draughty, cold and in a state of disrepair when they’re not properly maintained throughout their lifetime. A cost effective solution is to replace original sash windows, but in the past, they have too often been replaced with inappropriate low cost alternatives.

Fortunately, Roseview Windows has measures to ensure our sash windows are of the highest quality.

Technical Improvements

Historically, uPVC has not been allowed in conservation areas, as modern windows couldn’t replicate traditional features. However, improvements in technology and design have allowed us to create a viable alternative to timber. Our range is expertly crafted to provide high end performance and replicate the features of timber sash windows.

Roseview Windows have been eagerly manufacturing for more than 40 years. As the UK’s leading uPVC sash window manufacturer, the creation of The Rose Collection is the most authentic uPVC sash windows on the market.

Our Ultimate Rose

Take our Ultimate Rose Window as an example. We’ve spent years designing authentic details into Ultimate Rose. As a result, we’ve created the following:

  • Class leading windows with woodgrain finishes
  • Industry leading slim sightlines
  • Putty effect glass lines
  • Timber style mechanical joints
  • In house design, run through sash horns

Features like these make all the difference. When our sash windows are fitted, many find it hard to spot the difference between Ultimate Rose and traditional timber.

Where original windows have been replaced with inappropriate alternatives, The Rose Collection can help restore a building to its original appearance. At Roseview Windows, we are passionate about keeping history in the present. With our sensitively designed, high end uPVC sash windows, the conservation market can trust us as the best manufacturer of timber alternative sash windows.

Our Approach

We take a proactive approach to conservation areas. Conservation officers and the English Heritages are informed on the benefits of our sensitively designed uPVC sash windows – as we are a member of the Glass and Glazing Federation’s Heritage Group.

We regularly talk to conservation officers, so we can demonstrate why our windows are the best alternative to original timber windows. Our efforts have led Roseview products to be accepted in dozens of conservation projects across the UK.


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