Traditional Style, Modern Performance

Heritage Rose Sash Windows

Providing a timber aesthetic that outperforms all except the Ultimate Rose, the Heritage Rose is a high performance alternative to timber sash windows. They will provide customers with a stylistic feature for their project, capturing the look of timber style sliding sash windows. From the pavement, they’ll be indistinguishable from timber windows, providing a great level of accuracy. For those looking for modern performance with a universal design, the Heritage Rose is an outstanding choice.

Its style is undeniable and largely speaks for itself, but the Heritage Rose’s performance is not to be underestimated. Coming completely weatherproof as standard, they’ll provide a great level of resistance against wind and rain alike for end users. Repainting is a thing of the past, too; our uPVC frames will never need touching up, giving hassle free functionality to residential and commercial clients alike. Interiors will be calm and peaceful, with noise reduction as standard across our Heritage Rose windows.

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Maintenance Free Design

Heritage Rose sash windows capture the look of traditional timber without the need for maintenance. With a fade free finish, your customers won’t have to worry about repainting these stunning sash windows. Cleaning is simple too. A wipe of the cloth will keep these windows looking their best.

Secured by Design

Want to get the best levels of security for your Heritage Rose windows? Choose the Secured by Design option. This ensures that your customers’ sash window has been stringently tested to this police backed initiative. Potential intruders will be stopped in their tracks with this truly secure sash window.

Weatherproof Sash Windows

Our sash windows have been engineered to offer complete weatherproofing. Made from naturally durable and resilient uPVC, they won’t feel the effects of ageing and weathering. Instead, your customers’ Heritage sash windows will keep the elements at bay, no matter the season.


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Model Details

Technical Details

  • Maximum width: 1500mm
  • Maximum height: 3000mm
  • Frame depth: 137mm
  • Midrail: 45mm
  • Deep bottom rail: 81mm
  • Cill depths: 149mm and 225mm
  • Glazing: 28mm IGUs
  • Standard finishes: White, Cream, White Woodgrain & Crystal White
  • WER energy rating: A

Standard Features

  • Meeting Stile: 44mm
  • Corner detail: Welded
  • Deep bottom rail: Standard
  • Locks: Acorn
  • Profile Detail: Putty line

Optional Features

  • Run through horns, Clip-on horns or None
  • Woodgrain foils
  • 85mm slim mullion
  • Part Q/PAS24/SBD
  • Arches
  • Astragal bars: Heritage
  • Trickle vents – Eclipse, Concealed, Frame, Sash
  • ThermoVFlex - 1.2 u-value
  • 1.4 u-value (glass)

Welded Joints

The joining is integral to the overall structure and rigidity of our uPVC sliding sash windows. The Heritage Rose sash window frames are welded together to provide a sturdy and robust window profile. We weld them at high temperatures, which harden the frame further. This gives end users an incredibly strong uPVC sash window that will keep potential intruders away from their home or commercial property. It also helps to ensure great longevity from our sliding sash windows and looks authentic.

Heritage Astragal Bars

Astragal bars are a stunning feature that can be added to our Heritage Rose sash windows. Not only are they aesthetically stylistic features, with a big impact on the overall look of the commercial or residential building, they are a must have feature for those looking to achieve a Georgian, Edwardian or Victorian style.

Fade Resistant Finishes

We have a range of foiled finishes available on our Heritage Rose sash windows, providing a unique finishing touch. Each finish is fade resistant, ensuring a complete lack of maintenance is needed for your customers uPVC sliding sash windows. Several woodgrain finishes are also available, perfect for your customers who are looking to replicate a wooden aesthetic. We also offer RAL colours, offering your customers an excellent level of flexibility for personalisation for their Heritage Rose window.

Acorn Furniture

Our Heritage Rose sash windows use Acorn furniture to provide a luxurious feel to our uPVC sliding sash windows. Acorn furniture is a combination of inherently stylish and also incredibly secure, providing a mixture of aesthetic and practical benefits to your uPVC sash windows. They are available in a range of colours to give the greatest level of customisation to homeowners. They’ll be able to choose between gold, chrome, satin, bronze or antique black, dependent on their preference.

Tilt & Slide Functionality

Heritage Rose sash windows come with tilt & slide functionality as standard. This is an incredibly useful design feature that allows for much easier maintenance. It allows the homeowner or end user to effortlessly clean the outside of the windows from inside the building.

Deep Bottom Rail

Every part of our Heritage Rose sash windows is dedicated to achieving the highest levels of authenticity possible. This includes our deep bottom rail, which replicates classical timber sliding sash windows design. Our uPVC sliding sash window uses an 81 mm deep bottom rail, resembling traditional timber sash windows’ depths. Heritage Rose sash windows will provide your customers with a traditional style sliding sash window.

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