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Roseview began its uPVC sash window development back in 1985, over 35 years ago. Since that time, we have established ourselves as innovative, quality, sliding sash window experts, pushing the boundaries of timber replication to unprecedented heights. With numerous features being developed over the years to improve authenticity even further, we have developed a range of sash windows that offer immaculate timber sash aesthetics with all the modern performance of a uPVC window.

Since our early beginnings, we have produced hundreds of thousands of sliding sash windows installed in thousands of UK homes. With our dedication to sash windows, we have fully committed to making and perfecting one product type only, developing the designs and manufacturing with years of breakthroughs and innovation. That’s why our uPVC sash windows are perfect for homeowners across the UK.

More than 45 years of experience counts for a lot when it comes to developing and designing uPVC sash windows. All that experience, expertise and technical innovation is used to ensure the highest quality sliding sash windows available. Our Rose Collection represents the pinnacle of sliding sash windows, suiting any home style and catering to an expansive range of requirements. Get the charm and appeal of traditional sash windows with all the benefits of modern uPVC using our sliding sash windows.

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Ultimate Rose

Perfect timber replication, even on close inspection, the Ultimate Rose is authenticity redefined. Simply the best sliding sash window available, if your customers are looking for a uPVC double glazed sash window that perfectly replicates the appearance of a timber sash, look no further. It features a smooth, seamless, handcrafted finish, with the slimmest midrail possible at just 35mm. Best in class is an understatement. The Ultimate Rose is more than just a window; it’s a statement for your homeowners.

While perfectly replicating the aesthetics of timber sash windows, the performance of the Ultimate Rose is distinctly modern. Coming A rated for energy efficiency as standard, this uPVC sash window will keep homes warmer in winter, and even help lower heating bills. Homeowners can forget about noise disrupting their daily routines too, with noise reduction technology seamlessly integrated, peace and quiet will prevail.

Traditional authenticity meets modern performance; the Ultimate Rose is in a league of its own.

Heritage Rose

All the appeal of a traditional sash window, with the best uPVC performance. The Heritage Rose is second only to the Ultimate Rose, providing a traditional timber sash feature without compromising performance. It features similar slim sightlines as the Ultimate Rose, with a 44mm midrail. Welded joints are used to recreate the joinery style of a timber sash, providing authentic detailing from the uPVC frame. From a street view, you’d struggle to tell the difference between our Heritage rose windows and original timber sash.

Your customers can say goodbye to high maintenance as well. Unlike timber windows which often require repainting, sanding and even polishing from time to time, our uPVC sash windows such as the Heritage Rose are hassle free. An occasional wipe of the cloth is all it takes to have them looking their absolute best. With our high weatherproofing levels that we include as standard, wind and rain will not affect your customer’s homes.

Our Heritage Rose is an excellent choice for high-end functionality combined with a solid level of authenticity.

Charisma Rose

Our most cost effective option, the Charisma Rose sash window, provides a number of premium features at a highly competitive price. Thanks to its design, which takes inspiration from timber sash and contemporary styles, it’s completely versatile, able to be used in modern or traditional homes. It is a fantastic replacement for traditional timber sash windows, alleviating the possibility of water damage and weathering effects.

Featuring triple seals, the Charisma Rose will offer a weatherproofing level that timber windows could never hope to match. Modern locking systems are also incorporated to ensure the best peace of mind within a homeowner’s property. It also has the sound insulation technology seen in our higher spec windows, offering a great noise reduction level for homeowners in busy areas. uPVC sash also assures customers that the operation will be smooth and efficient even years down the line.

For entry level prices but a premium performance, look no further than our Charisma Rose sash windows.

Complete, Hassle Free Installation

Our dedication to producing authentic sash windows has allowed us to become the industry leader for uPVC sash window manufacturing. To ensure that installation is as high quality as the sash windows themselves, we handpick reputable, professional installation companies as Rose Collection Approved Installers. Although independent companies, we have worked with these approved installers for years; we know and trust their work, ensuring they will deliver an installation that meets all requirements. This ensures hassle free, complete installations with complete peace of mind, Uf your project requires other glazed products that we don’t manufacture (e.g. doors), our Approved Installers will be able to help with those too.

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