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Few things enhance the character of a home more than sash windows. As the “eyes” of a building, sash windows have been around since the late 17th century, and are quintessentially British. They add a touch of luxury and authenticity to a building.

So whether you’re building or self-building, renovating an old property or building a new one, you can benefit from the charm and value of traditional sash windows with modern enhancements.

At Roseview we pride ourselves in tailoring our service to our customers and their individual needs. After all, we want to see our windows looking great just as much as you do.

For builders and self-builders we’re aware that windows is just one of the many things you have to sort out, and you may not have a lot of experience in sash windows. That doesn’t matter – we’ll help you through the process from the very beginning, offering advice on things like window options, glass, surveying and installing, while helping you specify and order the right windows for your project.

All we ask is that when the build is complete, you send us a photo of the finished project. We like seeing our windows in finished homes!

The Rose Collection

Our Rose Collection sash windows represent the heights of uPVC sash window development and design. Having been used in countless building projects across the UK, our sliding sash windows are the perfect marriage of performance and style, essential for any builder or self build.

The Rose Collection is the result of over 35 years of sliding sash window manufacturing experience. Designed to suit virtually any property type, style, and budget for builders and self builds. It doesn’t matter if your project is a renovation or a brand new build; our sliding sash uPVC windows could be the defining feature for your new property development.

Technical Assistance

Specifying sash windows should be the same as specifying any building product. As a builder or someone running a self-build project, you’ll need full technical backup, including technical and CAD drawings, full specifications, and full accreditation details.

At Roseview we have that covered for you, so you can choose our windows safe in the knowledge that everything is already in place to make your project successful.

Our knowledgeable staff are well-versed in the technical requirements required for builders and those running self-builds. From energy efficiency to sustainability, security to acoustics, we already have everything you need. And if we don’t, we’ll get it for you.

You can also find all our product on NBS+, making it even easier to specify Roseview sash windows on your new build projects.

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Ultimate Rose Sash Window

The Ultimate Rose sash window redefines the levels of authenticity achievable by a uPVC sash window. An award winning product, the Ultimate Rose is as much a work of art as it is technically innovative. Perfect for any builder projects and self build, the ultimate rose is indistinguishable from a timber window. Even upon close inspection, your homeowners won’t be able to see the difference between our sliding sash and a traditional design.

You may not be able to see the difference from timber for your builder’s project or self build, but you’ll certainly be able to feel it. Despite being a perfect replication of classic timber windows, the performance is distinctly state of the art. Modern security features, A rated energy efficiency, and complete weatherproofing make for a truly high performance uPVC sliding sash window. If you want your builder’s project or self build to make the ultimate statement, the Ultimate Rose is the perfect choice.

Heritage Rose Sash Window

Our mid range product, the Heritage Rose sliding sash window, offers great street level authenticity with all the best elements of modern uPVC construction. Utilising many traditional design features and distinct detailing, this sliding sash window is highly customisable, allowing for versatile application to any builder project and self build. It’s no wonder the Heritage Rose is such a popular choice for sash window replacement.

Undeniably an aesthetic achievement, the Heritage Rose features slim sightlines, creating an attention grabbing stylistic statement. It’ll help keep your builder’s project, and self build, both warm and peaceful too. With our A energy rating as standard, along with sound insulation technology, the performance you receive from the Heritage Rose sash window is distinctly modern. It also has a highly secure frame, preventing weather effects and intruders alike to round off a great sliding sash window package.

Charisma Rose Sash Window

The most contemporary of our sash window range, but with enough traditional stylings to suit both property types, the Charisma Rose is a cost effective uPVC sash window. It may be the most competitively priced window we offer, but that doesn’t mean compromising on premium features. With tilting sashes for easy maintenance, a discreet anti jemmy bar and triple brush seals, you’re getting a robust performance for your builder’s project and self builds.

As with all of our sliding sash windows, there’s a large scope for customisation to ensure the best match between property and window.  This includes options for increased security, such as Secured by Design, to ensure an impregnable performance for your or your customer’s property. The operation couldn’t be easier either, with smooth opening and closing functions for an all round high standard uPVC sash window. For your builder’s project or self build.

Builders and Self Build Service

Having a product you can rely on is a massive weight off the shoulders for any builder or self build, but that’s only half of the equation. The right service has to follow suit to ensure the highest quality finish and the very best sliding sash windows. If you are a builder or self builder with less experience with uPVC sash windows, you’ll want assurance that our products are hassle free and easy to install.

Thankfully, Roseview are experts when it comes to tailoring our products and service to specific needs and requirements. We want to ensure our windows look their absolute best for your builder’s project or self build.

To help you out, We’ll guide you through every step of your sliding sash window process to ensure everything matches up to your expectations. We can help you navigate the variety of customisation options we offer, getting the right fit for your project from the very beginning.

All we ask in return is a picture of the finished project. We love seeing our windows in a fantastic looking property.

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