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In 1985 Roseview were the first company to specialise in timber-alternative sash. Working in partnership with Rehau and a large London housing group, Roseview were involved in developing and manufacturing the UK’s first mainstream uPVC sash window system. Since then we’ve been continue to innovate and develop our windows, always focusing on authenticity, performance and quality. The result is the Rose Collection.

We make one thing and one thing only – sash windows. We talk about them, design them, build them, take photos of them. We’re enthusiastic about them. And all that time and enthusiasm goes into making the very best uPVC sash windows you can buy.

So while other companies may offer sash windows as part of a wider portfolio, we concentrate on making our windows the best that they can be. We think that’s the right way to go.

The Advent of uPVC

Luckily for architects and specifiers, uPVC represented a significant breakthrough in window construction. It offered a naturally insulating material that was also incredibly hard wearing. It could last for years without degrading and offered a completely weatherproof window performance. There was only one problem. They couldn’t replicate the look of sash windows, and therefore lacked the aesthetic qualities associated with them. For years, they weren’t suitable for architects and specifiers who wanted to use sliding sash windows.

The Advent of uPVC

Roseview’s Breakthrough

That’s where Roseview comes in. In 1985 we started developing the first uPVC sash windows in the UK, focusing on creating accurate and authentic timber sash window replication. With several innovative design breakthroughs, we pushed the boundaries of what was possible with uPVC materials in a sash framework. Our developments of run through horns and slimmer midrails were unprecedented at the time but have since been copied as a mark of true authenticity. Fast forward to the present day, and we have perfected uPVC sash windows for architects and specifiers.

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The Rose Collection

The Rose collection represents the epitome of high quality uPVC sliding sash windows and the best choice for architects and specifiers. They offer truly authentic timber aesthetics while combining all the modern benefits provided by uPVC materials. The pinnacle of this technology is the Ultimate Rose window, completely indistinguishable from timber sliding sash windows even upon close inspection. These make them ideal for architects and specifiers working on both renovation projects and high-end new builds.

Trade Glaze Sash Windows

Experience to Tackle any Project

Having been dedicated to uPVC sash window production since 1985, Roseview has a unique amount of experience within the industry, particularly with architects and specifiers. We understand that every project is different, bringing its own set of specifications and obstacles. With our wealth of experience, we know how to overcome virtually any problem and create the perfect project for any architect and specifier.

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Experience to Tackle any Project

Architects and specifiers have a host of challenges to overcome when starting a project. These challenges could arise from fitting new sliding sash windows into an original space or just complying with many regulations. It could be as simple as finding the right uPVC sash windows to fulfil the project’s needs and requirements. Thankfully, we have dealt with al these problems before and have made sure every architect and specifier we’ve worked with has found a solution.

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Technical Assistance

Specifying sash windows should be the same as specifying any building product. You need full technical backup, including technical and CAD drawings, full specifications, and full accreditation details. At Roseview we have that covered for you, so you can choose our windows safe in the knowledge that everything is already in place to make your project successful.

Our knowledgeable staff are well-versed in the technical requirements required by architects and specifiers. From energy efficiency to sustainability, security to acoustics, we already have everything you need. And if we don’t, we’ll get it for you. You can also find all our product on NBS+, making it even easier to specify Roseview sash windows on your projects.

The Importance of Accreditations

Accreditations are a key quality indicator, vital for architects and specifiers looking for a reliable source of sash windows. You need to ensure that the sliding sash windows you receive are perfect for the project in question and provide a more than adequate performance. To make sure your new vertically sliding windows adhere to every building regulation, you can check our list of accreditations below.

Accredited Sash Window Manufacturers

Our Accreditations

Roseview are proud to have the backing and approval of a large number of authorities, each reflecting the high quality of our services and products. For example, you’ll never have to worry about your uPVC sash windows underperforming regarding energy efficiency. Our sliding sash windows are A rated for thermal performance as standard. All of our windows are CE marked and can be Secured by Design upon request. PAS 24 compliance is also available if architects and specifiers require extra security for their project.

Whatever you’re looking for as an architect or specifier from our uPVC sash windows, we’ll be able to tailor our products to your needs.

CE Accredited Sash Window Manufacturer

Sustainable uPVC Sash Windows

Historically, uPVC wasn’t renowned for its sustainability, but Roseview has gone to great lengths to ensure our products are sustainable. Lead has been removed from modern uPVC sash windows, and they require less energy to produce than ever before. This is leading the way in the country’s move towards net zero carbon emissions. Our suppliers, REHAU and Eurocell, share our commitment to sustainability also, recycling a large amount of our waste and offcuts. We make sure our sustainability commitments are known to our architects and specifiers.

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