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At Roseview Windows, we understand the intricacies involved in designing and constructing a project. In particular, the windows are a crucial part of the building’s aesthetic appeal. At the same time, they need to ensure optimal performance while complying with all the necessary regulations and requirements.

With more than 40 years of manufacturing expertise, we offer a range of sustainable and dependable timber alternative sash windows. Crafted with a commitment to quality, our products stand the test of time, providing assurance and reliability for years to come. Not only do our windows enhance internal light, but they also contribute seamlessly to the overall aesthetics and style of your building.

If you’re designing or specifying a project that would benefit from traditionally styled, quintessentially British sash windows, you can depend on Roseview’s experience, knowledge and expertise to ensure that your project runs smoothly.

The Rose Collection

The Rose collection represents the epitome of high-quality uPVC sliding sash windows and is the best choice for architects and specifiers. They offer truly authentic timber aesthetics while combining all the modern benefits provided by uPVC materials. The pinnacle of this technology is the Ultimate Rose window, which is completely indistinguishable from timber sliding sash windows even upon close inspection. These make them ideal for architects and specifiers working on both renovation projects and high-end new builds.

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The Rose Collection - Roseview Windows

Experience To Tackle Any Project

Since 1985, Roseview has been dedicated to the manufacture of uPVC sash windows. We have unrivalled experience within the industry, particularly with architects and specifiers. We understand that every project is different, bringing its own set of specifications, requirements, and challenges to overcome. With our wealth of experience, we know how to overcome virtually any problem and create the perfect sash window project for any architect and specifier.

gothic style arched sash windows

Experience To Tackle Any Project

Architects and specifiers have a host of challenges to overcome when starting a project. These challenges could arise from fitting new sliding sash windows into an original space or just complying with many regulations. It could be as simple as finding the right uPVC sash windows to fulfil the project’s needs and requirements. Thankfully, we have dealt with many of these problems before and have made sure every architect and specifier we’ve worked with has found a solution.

cottage arched sash windows

Technical Assistance

Specifying sash windows is the same as selecting any building product. You need full technical backup, including technical and CAD drawings, complete specifications, and full accreditation details. At Roseview, we have that covered for you, so you can choose our windows safely with the knowledge that everything is already in place to make your project successful.

Our knowledgeable staff are well-versed in the technical requirements required by architects and specifiers. From energy efficiency to sustainability, security to acoustics, we already have everything you need. And if we don’t, we’ll get it for you.

Technical asistance - Roseview Windows
Importance of Accreditations - Roseview Windows

The Importance of Accreditations

Accreditations are a key quality indicator, vital for architects and specifiers looking for a reliable source of sash windows. You need to ensure that the sliding sash windows you receive are perfect for the project in question and provide a more than adequate performance. To make sure your new vertically sliding windows adhere to every building regulation, you can check our list of accreditations below.

Our Accreditations

Accreditations aren’t just important for providing peace of mind, they’re also crucial for complying with relevant building regulations, especially on commercial projects.

All our windows are fully tested and accredited to the highest standards achievable with sash windows, and wherever possible, we go above and beyond the documented standards. Not only does this ensure full compliance and guaranteed performance, it helps elevate industry standards to new levels.

Fully Certified - Roseview Windows
A-rated (BFRC Thermal Ratings Register)
Fully Accredited - Roseview
U-value (1.5 standard, 1.4 and 1.2 options)
Silver CMS Licence - Roseview
BS 6375 (Weather tightness)
BSI Kitemark Certified - Roseview Windows
BS 12207 class 3 (Air permeability)
Secured by Design - Roseview Windows
SBD (option)
PAS24 - Roseview Windows
PAS24 (option)
Part-Q-1 - Roseview Windows
Part Q (option)
CMS Compliant - Roseview Windows
CMS Mark BS EN 14351
Acoustics - Roseview Windows
Glass & Glazing Federation - Roseview Windows
Rehau - Authorised Partner - Roseview Windows
REHAU partner
Find us on NBS - Roseview Windows


Accurate and complete specifications are an important part of a smooth design process. An incomplete specification can affect everyone involved in delivering the project and potentially lead to delays and costs for the client.

Detailed specifications and product data for all our sash windows can be found on NBS, from where they can be seamlessly integrated into projects. You can access the information from anywhere and pull it straight into your specification or design model, saving hours of time on research.

Just log into your NBS account and search for “Roseview Windows” to access everything you need.

Sustainable - Roseview Windows

Sustainable uPVC Sash Windows

Historically uPVC wasn’t renowned for its sustainability or environmental credentials. Today, all the major uPVC systems houses take recycling and sustainability very seriously and have taken great strides in making uPVC a truly sustainable building product.

In our case, we use profiles from two global companies: REHAU and Eurocell. Both own and operate full-service uPVC recycling centres close to their extrusion plants. Furthermore, both operate a closed-loop recycling system, where old and waste uPVC is recycled back into new window profiles on-site. This consumes less fuel and energy and generates far less waste than standard recycling.

For more information, visit our Sustainable Future page.

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