Over 35 Years of uPVC Sash Window Experience

Having been dedicated to making uPVC sash windows since 1985, it’s safe to say we’re one of the top authorities on uPVC sash windows and their application. Being responsible for several major design breakthroughs, we continue to push the boundaries of timber sash replication.

In short, commercial projects are all about choosing a supplier that provides a complete end-to-end service with no fuss, so that the windows are one less thing you have to worry about.

At Roseview we understand that, and all our knowledge and experience have gone into designing a suite of products and a service tailored to suit. We’ve covered  an expansive variety of projects with our sliding sash windows, including:

New Developments

Many of our Rose Collection uPVC sash windows are used in new developments, with our Charisma Rose providing a great blend of timber features and modern design.

Roseview Timeline

Roseview Timeline

Housing Associations

Few windows are as unique as our Rose Collection sash windows, making them appealing for housing associations who want a distinct look from their properties.

Local Authorities

For a high performance window with traditional design features and elements, local authorities often look tour our unique uPVC sash window range.

Roseview Timeline

Roseview Timeline

Public Buildings

Public buildings such as schools, hospitals and local government often come with a wealth of history and a distinct style. Our timber style uPVC sash replicates the original look of these buildings while providing modern performance.


Town centre offices and workplaces in traditional buildings have specific needs – not least employee comfort, security and maintenance-free operation. But all within an aesthetically authentic package.

Roseview Timeline

Understanding Commercial Projects

We have also built up years of experience in the whole commercial installation process, gaining a deep understanding of the tasks and elements involved. This is invaluable for commercial clients, who need a supplier they can trust to adapt to ever changing circumstances and conditions.

Our Service

Roseview are perfectly suited for commercial clients, with an in depth understanding of the processes involved. This includes:

  • Commercial tenders
  • Specification
  • Planning
  • Building Regulations
  • Installation
  • Aftersales


The key to making commercial projects run smoothly is knowing that the windows you choose have the right specifications and accreditations. Our knowledgeable staff will help ensure that everything is as it needs to be right from the start. Whether it’s energy efficiency, security or acoustic accreditations (or, more often than not, all three), we can provide everything you need to ensure compliance.

Who we Work With

Aside from these processes, we also deal with customers from various other commercial standpoints, including architects and specifiers, local planners and conservation officers, project managers and clients. This gives us a deep understanding of every step of the process, knowledge that is used to ensure smooth working processes.


What Makes Roseview Different?

This places us in a unique position of understanding when it comes to supplying sash windows to our commercial clients. We understand all the specific requirements and specifications that can be involved, and the criteria commercial clients are after. Through rigorous planning and preparation, we can ensure that your commercial projects have a smooth and efficient process.

We don’t just consider the high performance and aesthetics of our sliding sash windows; commercial projects require so much more. We ensure all the logistics are completely taken care of and well planned for a smooth operation. That means ensuring all sash windows arrive on time, correctly labelled, and fully ready to install. We also make sure all the planning permission and paperwork are fully in place for a seamless window sash experience.

For commercial clients, we also make sure we’re on hand to offer any support your project may require from its supplier. We deliver directly to the site in unbranded vehicles. Flexibility is also key, with our teams available to adapt to schedule changes that may occur before delivery. Our service is a complete end to end service, taking all the hassle away from your commercial project.

With all this commercial knowledge, garnered from over 44 years of uPVC window making, we provide an excellent range of products and a quality service, perfect for commercial clients.

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