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Protecting the environment is a key priority for both homeowners and manufacturers. Recycling is a key part of that, influencing our daily lives in so many ways. Whether it’s household packaging or large-scale industrial goods, recycling serves to reduce our carbon footprint and safeguard the planet for future generations. 

In crafting the Rose Collection suite of uPVC sash windows, we prioritise sustainable materials and strive to recycle surplus uPVC whenever possible.

Rose Collection sash windows are manufactured using premium REHAU and Eurocell profiles. Renowned as global leaders in polymer-based products, these systems houses prioritise the extrusion of sustainable uPVC profiles, incorporating recycled uPVC wherever possible. As a result, the profiles used in Rose Collection windows come from suppliers who are at the cutting edge of uPVC recycling and sustainability.

Stringent industry regulations demand increasingly strict standards from uPVC window fabricators. At Roseview, we have rigorous procedures that minimise waste and prioritise recycling whenever feasible. Through our collaboration with REHAU and Eurocell, we ensure that each window we produce aligns with the highest environmental standards.

Stages of Recycling - Roseview Windows
Loop of Recycling - Roseview Windows
Sustainable Recyclability

Sustainable Recyclability

uPVC is a more environmentally friendly material than many people think, especially those with a vested interest in downplaying it in favour of other materials. It is a safe, stable, reliable and durable option, as well as being a highly cost-effective and widely used construction material. 

uPVC also performs very well in life-cycle assessment tests, particularly regarding its recyclability. uPVC can be recycled up to ten times, and more than 80% of REHAU and Eurocell recycled uPVC are re-used in various building applications, the most common being new windows and doors. 

Both systems houses also own and run their own closed-loop recycling processes, which take the end-of-life windows and manufacturing offcuts and recycle them into raw uPVC that can then be used to make new window profiles, usually within a few miles of their extrusion plants. So not only is there very little waste, there is also very little energy wasted on transporting materials.

Reducing energy consumption

Reducing Energy Consumption

Whether you’re replacing old timber windows that are draughty, cold and no longer viable, or installing traditionally styled windows in a newer property, Rose Collection sash windows are a prudent choice. 

Utilising sustainably sourced uPVC and employing streamlined, environmentally conscious processes, modern sash windows are both durable and thermally efficient. 

Compared to old windows, they provide much-improved insulation and weather-proofing, leading to reduced energy consumption. In short, like all modern windows, they keep properties warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, meaning bills are lower and carbon footprint is reduced.

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