Perfectly Authentic uPVC Sash Windows for the Trade

Roseview have been around for a while, producing double glazed windows for over 45 years. For more than 35 of those years, we have been dedicated to manufacturing uPVC sash windows for trade installers and fabricators across the UK. In that time, we have made hundreds of thousands of sash windows, building a reputation for our high quality products and industry leading innovation. We aren’t exaggerating when we say we manufacture the most authentic sliding sash windows in the UK, perfect for every type of project and any trade installer and fabricator.

Providing the very best uPVC sash windows that the UK has to offer, the Rose Collection remains the benchmark against which all others are measured. With over 35 years of design innovation and manufacturing refinement, we have created a range of UPVC sliding sash windows that excel in all areas. Unbeatable authentic aesthetics combine with high performance uPVC to create the ultimate sash windows for trade installers and fabricators.

With so many years of production, we offer a product that is completely refined. Our sliding sash windows have been developed with the trade in mind. Designed to sell well at good margins, installed efficiently and hassle free, these windows are assured to offer excellent satisfaction. Don’t just take our word for it. We have a range of testimonials and accreditations that reflect our high quality service. We take care of everything to ensure a smooth journey for any trade installer and fabricator.

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A Partner, not Just a Supplier

At Roseview we work with our trade partners, not just for them. Our goal isn’t just to manufacture class-leading windows (important as that is!), it’s to provide a class-leading service. That means offering help and advice throughout the process, from quote to delivery and aftersales care.

It means marketing support to help you win more business. It means talking to you about what options are available, and what may work best – or what may not work. It means keeping on top of accreditations so that you don’t have to, and it means having knowledgeable staff on hand at every stage.

At Roseview you don’t get an Account Manager – you get the whole company supporting you.

The Rose Collection

There are three types of uPVC vertically sliding windows available from Roseview for trade installers and fabricators. They range from the Ultimate Rose, which replicates wooden windows perfectly, even from up close, to the Charisma Rose, a great blend of traditional design and modern uPVC construction at a cost effective price. In the middle we have the Heritage Rose, which bridges the gap between the two.

The Ultimate Rose

The Ultimate Rose is simply the most authentic sash window available, offering award winning, class leading aesthetics and performance for any trade installer and fabricator. More than just a window, the Ultimate Rose is a work of art, stylistically replicating every individual component of timber window to offer perfect replication. Even upon close inspection, it’s virtually impossible to tell the difference between this uPVC sash window and a timber original, and the very best a trade installer or fabricator can acquire.

Heritage Rose

The Heritage Rose combines excellent modern performance with the features of traditional sliding sash windows. It features several distinct timber sash features, such as run through horns, to deliver street level timber replication. It also has all the benefits that come with modern uPVC. As standard, our windows carry an A energy rating, making for high thermal efficiency, keeping the property warm all year round, making them a great choice for trade installers and fabricators.

Charisma Rose

Traditional looks on a competitive budget with all the benefits of uPVC performance, the Charisma Rose may be the entry level uPVC sash window, but that doesn’t mean it lacks features. It has several distinctively premium elements to ensure the highest performance possible. This includes an anti jemmy bar, which makes for excellent security. It’s also highly customisable, offering many options to be perfectly tailored to any customers demands. They are well suited to trade installers and fabricators.

Complete Trade Service

We have complete confidence in our products, with 35 years making sash windows, we have the experience that affords it. But service is key too, and another area where Roseview excels.

Vertically sliding sash windows might be a product that many trade installers and fabricators have less experience with, from selling to installation. We have developed the Roseview Trade Promise to make things easier for you and your customers.


We offer showroom marketing support to help drive sales for trade installers and fabricators.

Roseview Timeline

Roseview Timeline


Our competitively priced products will ensure great margins, a must have for trade installers and fabricators.

Quick Quoting

To provide a fast turnaround, we aim to get quotes back to you in 24 hours.

Roseview Timeline

Roseview Timeline


You don’t need to come to us for a quote. If you use the industry-leading Tommy Trinder Framepoint system,  you’ll have access to CAD-accurate models of our windows with live-pricing built-in. Within just a few clicks you’ll have your price on-screen.

Hassle Free

We’ve designed the quote and order process to be incredibly intuitive, with dedicated specifying forms.

Roseview Timeline

Roseview Timeline

Full Guarantee

No matter which model you choose, it’s a Roseview sash window and uses only the best quality materials and components. Everything is then backed up by our no-quibble ten-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Advice & Support

Helping you with sales and after sales services, we offer advice and technical support for all trade installers and fabricators.

Roseview Timeline

Roseview Timeline

Free Training

An on site training facility comes with free training courses to help you get the most from our products.

Scheduled Deliveries

Meticulously planning delivery schedules in advance to your unit or site allows for a smooth process for any trade installer and fabricator.

Roseview Timeline

Roseview Timeline


We have a dedicated customer service team, ready to help you and your customers with parts and extras.

Our Promise

With our Roseview Trade promise, combined with our award winning uPVC sash windows and years of experience, you won’t compromise on any quality by partnering with Roseview, experts in trade installers and fabricators.

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