Edwardian Home Renovation

This Edwardian home was transformed inside and out in 2021. Part of the renovation included changing the original single glazed, draughty timber sash windows. The sashes were previously painted shut to minimise heat loss, but this was proving both inconvenient and ineffective. The homeowners wanted to find replacement windows that were indistinguishable from their original timbers but in a low maintenance form that offered significantly better security and thermal efficiency. Having spent months looking around for the right solution, the homeowners found Roseview and, specifically, Ultimate Rose. Being the most authentic window on the timber-alternative market, they would match their original timber sashes like for like but with this maintenance free alternative. The windows were finished in a chalk white texture with an Edwardian astragal bar design, seamless run-through horns, deep cills, Secure by Design accreditation and shark fin limit stops throughout. Additionally, Ultimate Rose comes with ‘A’ rated energy efficiency as standard. For the homeowners, this means lower heating bills month-to-month and a reduced carbon footprint. This is due to Roseview sash windows being double-glazed and fully weather-sealed, unlike the home’s original timber windows. As a result, the homeowners now have sash windows that never need repainting and will naturally keep their home insulated and secure without sacrificing authenticity.