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Lincolnshire Arches Case Study

Lincolnshire Arches

"As a luxury development, the windows were specified with several features that set them apart from standard sashes."

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Millwater Cottage Case Study

Millwater Cottage

"…I came across Roseview Windows and I was absolutely blown away."

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Rothsay Place Case Study

Rothsay Place

"...accurate, authentic, traditional replacements were absolutely essential."

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Silverstone Sashes Case Study

Silverstone Sashes

"...both stylish and traditionally accurate - a huge improvement over the mismatched casements from before..."

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Surrey Mansion Case Study

Surrey Mansion

"...The new windows also needed to match the enhanced security and performance of their new flush casements."

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Surrey Renovation Case Study

Surrey Renovation

"...Indistinguishable from the original box sashes while providing modern thermal efficiency."

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Surrey Style Case Study

Surrey Style

"...classically-styled sash windows with modern energy efficiency, security and ease of use in a single, low-maintenance package."

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Victorian Contrast Case Study

Victorian Contrast

"...Using our in-house spray shop we were able to replicate the home’s original sashes..."

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Welsh Cottage Case Study

Welsh Cottage

"...the home benefits from impressively large sash windows that beautifully match the traditional style of the building..."

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Bristol Shapes Case Study

Bristol Shapes

"...This presented a real challenge – finding shaped, maintenance-free windows that matched conservation requirements…"

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Brookbury House Case Study

Brookbury House

"...the project brief was to install premium sash windows to increase resale value and attract appropriate buyers…"

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California Hotel Case Study

California Hotel

"...the owners made a point of emphasising the original Georgian aesthetic."

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Carlton Cottage Case Study

Carlton Cottage

"If you didn’t know that a pilot window had been fitted, you couldn’t tell that one window was uPVC while the rest were the original timber versions."

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Chapel Conversion Case Study

Chapel Conversion

"...After extensive research covering timber, aluminium and uPVC options, the owners chose Ultimate Rose sash windows..."

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Cornwall Blue Cottage Case Study

Cornwall Blue Cottage

"...Bright colours are a common feature of windows throughout Cornwall…"

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Cream New Build Case Study

Cream New Build

"...Using our in-house spray shop, Charisma Rose was specified in a solid cream option..."

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Honey House Overhaul Case Study

Honey House Overhaul

"...naturally keep their home insulated and secure without sacrificing authenticity..."

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Kells Lane Case Study

Kells Lane

"...not only do they match the building, they are maintenance-free, with a whole window U-value of only 1.5 W/m2K and enhanced safety, security and acoustics..."

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Bedford Newbuild Case Study

Bedford Newbuild

"...The brief was to maximise these views while fitting in seamlessly with the Victorian-style architecture..."

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chalk white upvc sash windows Case Study

Victorian Refurbishment

"Roseview has managed to produce the perfect replica of the original sash window. We are delighted with the result..."

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