Imposing & Traditional Victorian Home

Located in Surrey, this detached Victorian property needed its top floor timber windows replaced due to rotting. Maintaining the windows was proving costly for the homeowners, but they needed a solution that would still look authentic next to their ground floor timber sash windows. After researching their options, the homeowners came across Roseview’s traditional timber alternative sash windows. The possibility of maintenance-free sash windows that are indistinguishable from the original box sashes but while providing modern thermal efficiency and enhanced security made Ultimate Rose the obvious choice. Using modern technology, Ultimate Rose is completely seamless with traditional joinery style mechanical joints and the slimmest 35mm mid rail on the market. When installed adjacent to the homeowner’s original windows, it was almost impossible to see a difference. The home was finished with a single vertical astragal bar to match the home’s existing sightlines and allow for maximum natural light. Additionally, run through horns and a wood grain texture were added for a fully authentic finish. The result is truly indistinguishable, and the homeowners now have traditional and modern performing sash windows that will last for years to come. The owners are now planning to replace the timber windows on the ground floor with Ultimate Rose as well.