Welsh Farmhouse

Located in the Welsh countryside of Rhos-Fawr, a family were building their own Victorian style farmhouse and wanted sash windows to complete the traditional look. The homeowners wanted windows that were over two-metres tall, with a genuine traditional appearance and – because of the exposed location – effective weatherproofing. White woodgrained Ultimate Rose windows were ideal for this project. This conservation-grade timber alternative option allowed for the large sizes (1500 x 2350mm) that this home required while remaining indistinguishable from timber originals. In addition, our Ultimate Rose can be fully Secure by Design accredited, providing full peace of mind. To keep with the Victorian style, a single astragal bar configuration was chosen along with a deep bottom rail. Ultimate Rose also includes a 35mm slim and seamless midrail as standard, providing fully authentic sightlines and allowing the maximum amount of natural light into the home. As a result, the home benefits from impressively large sash windows that beautifully match the traditional style of the building but in a maintenance-free package that includes the thermal and security performance that comes with modern materials and manufacturing techniques.