3 common sash window installation queries answered

At Roseview Windows, we want to help all our trade customers with any installation issues that may arise. We understand that installing sliding sash windows requires a different skill set to standard casement windows. With this in mind, we’ve created three clear and informative videos to assist with the three most common queries we receive from installers.

Watch the videos here and read on for a summary of some of the processes, techniques, and terminology involved.

How to de-sash and re-sash a Roseview sash window

Sometimes an installer may be required to remove one or both of the sliding sash windows. This may be to gain access to an interior part of the window, to replace a part or to investigate a problem. Roseview sliding sash windows are designed to make this process as simple as possible. When you open and tilt the sash you will see a red retainer clip. When engaged, the sash window can be slid out and removed. Complete any work needed and reverse the process to re-sash the window.

Replacing a broken or damaged glass pane

Accidents can happen. Although double glazing will resist strong impact from a hard object, it can become damaged, scratched, or broken when subjected to excessive force. To replace the glass pane just follow the simple instructions in our video. With the right tools, the astragal bars and glazing beads can be easily removed and replaced without damaging the window frames. Make sure you remember the exact location of all clips, bars, and packers for the replacement pane.

Changing a Roseview sash window’s balances

First remove the sash as shown above. This will give you access to the balances. You will need a balance tool to remove the existing balances. These are available from any ironmongery or fenestration retailer. Once the balance screw is removed, the old balance can be removed and replaced. Reverse the process and re-sash the window and the replacement is complete.

At Roseview Windows, we work with installers, builders, architects, and specifiers. If you’re involved in sash window installation in any way and you’d like expert advice, contact Roseview Windows today. Call us on 01234 712 657 or send us a message online.