The best uPVC sash windows for heritage properties

Across the UK, there are thousands of heritage properties. From imposing Georgian mansions to traditional Victorian terraces, all these properties are an integral part of the nation’s character. Unfortunately, many of the UK’s period properties have fallen into various states of disrepair. From rotting timber windows to deteriorating mortar, the problems faced are as diverse as the variety of traditional property styles.

Working on heritage properties

If you’re a window installer who regularly works on heritage properties, you’ll understand the importance of using the right windows as a replacement. Traditional timber windows feature a range of distinctive details which are integral to their overall look. Replicating these details can be difficult which is why it’s important to choose the right supplier.

When you want uPVC sash windows which perfectly replicate the traditional timber style, Roseview Windows can help. Our suite of uPVC sash windows, the Rose Collection are industry renowned for their attention to detail and superior performance. They are so authentic that they have been approved for use in conservation areas across the UK.

Authenticity guaranteed

The experts at Roseview Windows have spent decades developing our Rose Collection uPVC sash windows. To ensure that they are as authentic as possible they feature an array of period detailing. Some of their features include:

  • Slimline profiles
  • Bespoke globe claw furniture
  • A selection of realistic woodgrain finishes
  • Flat external putty lines
  • Choice of astragal bar configurations
  • Run-through sash horns

Rose Collection sash windows can also be bespoke designed to meet your exact specifications. If you require an unusually shaped window such as an arched top, bay window, or oversized window, we’ll endeavour to meet your demands.

When you regularly work on heritage properties, you want to offer your customers the best replacement windows in the business. For quality, authenticity, and performance every time choose Roseview Windows. If you’d like more information about Roseview and our range of authentic sash windows call 01234 712 657 or contact us online.