Why more self-builders are choosing double glazed sash windows

Self-building is increasingly popular in the UK. According to Home Building and Renovation magazine, approximately 11,000 self-build homes are built in the UK every year. Self-building offers people the opportunity to create a unique home, purpose-built to their exact specifications. This is an extremely attractive prospect. The complexities of finding land, hiring a professional architect, and employing a reputable builder however, can be daunting.

Installation companies are now offering a broader variety of services than ever before. According to the Insight Data Industry Report 2017; double glazing installers are now branching out into more general building work. This also works inversely, with many builders undertaking glazing installations. This means that it should be easier to find a competent builder who has the necessary skills to complete the majority of a self-build project themselves.

Double glazed sash windows for self-build projects

The nature of a self-build project makes it a bespoke undertaking. The rising popularity of self-building is due in large to the customisation opportunities that it allows. Traditional building designs influence many self-builds. Many people view traditional architecture as far more elegant and full of character than box-like new builds.

If your self-build is influenced by Georgian or Victorian architectural features; it’s perhaps no surprise that many self-builders are choosing double glazed sash windows for their installation. Even if your self-build project has a more contemporary design, sash windows are still a great option. uPVC replica sash windows can be custom designed to meet almost any specifications. They are secure and energy efficient, and meet all the requirements of Building Regulations. This makes them an excellent choice for self-build projects.

Double glazed sash windows from Roseview

At Roseview, we manufacture and supply the UK’s leading uPVC sash windows. We have a wealth of product knowledge and industry experience which puts us in an excellent position to offer our expertise to installers, architects, home-builders, and homeowners. When you want period character with modern performance, Roseview sash windows are for you.

If you’re thinking about self-building your dream home, Roseview uPVC sash windows are an excellent choice. Our double glazed sash windows can be manufactured to perfectly complement your home. For more information on our range of products and services contact us today. Call us on 01234 712 657 or send us a message online.