Temporary closure (COVID-19)

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No doubt you saw the Prime Minister’s statement last night. While there was some ambiguity about which companies should close, we feel that it is our duty to do all we can to help protect our staff, their families and our customers, while easing pressure on health services. Therefore we have chosen to temporarily close our factory and office, effective immediately (March 24th).

This means that after today there will be no more deliveries, service calls or manufacturing until we reopen. Initial guidelines given by the Prime Minister were that this should last for three weeks, after which the situation will be reassessed. We will be following those guidelines.

Many other companies taking the same action have commented how difficult a decision this is to take. We understand what they mean, but to be honest the decision was simple. In a situation like this the health of our staff and all those connected to them is, quite simply, the most important thing.

We regret that this will mean letting down some of our customers – those who haven’t yet closed down themselves. We don’t want to do this and we don’t like it, but we feel that there simply is no other option. It’s also worth noting that as more and more companies take the same action, supply chains will soon become impossible.

There is no rulebook or manual for a situation like this. We all have to do what we feel is right. This is what we feel is right. We hope that other companies follow suit, so that we can all close down and then reopen together, minimising disruption as much as possible. Roseview is strong and so are our customers. We are confident that by taking this action now we are not weakening our businesses but ultimately strengthening them.

We will have staff working remotely taking calls, quoting and answering emails, and we will continue to post updates and information through our social media channels.

In the meantime please stay safe and well. We look forward to speaking to you when all this is over.

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