Company statement (COVID-19)


Closing our doors on 25th March, albeit only temporarily, was a horrible decision to make. But it was the right decision. Nothing is more important that the safety of our staff, customers and their families.

We didn’t set an end date for the closure – our plan was to remain closed until it is safe to re-open. In real terms that means when COVID-19 infection and mortality rates are dropping, the NHS is safe from being overwhelmed and we can operate in a safe manner.

The information available now suggests that we have passed the peak of COVID-19 in the UK. It’s early days, but the curve is flattening and things are starting to move in the right direction. Both infection and mortality rates are beginning to drop, and the crucial virus reproduction rate is below one.

Therefore, Roseview will be partially re-opening on Monday 11th May. Initially this will be on a limited basis, with a reduced capacity and number of staff on-site. We are currently in the process of carrying out risk assessments, making changes to our workplace and working procedures, and sourcing suitable PPE to enable this.

We are regularly monitoring advice from the government, Public Health England and our industry’s trade bodies, especially in relation to manufacturing. If that advice changes, our plans will change accordingly.

Before we re-open, we will contact customers with orders that were live in our system when we locked down, to check the status of those orders and re-arrange delivery dates. Throughout this transition our team working from home will remain on hand to answer queries, provide quotes and take orders.

In the meantime, we would like to thank all customers and staff for your patience and understanding during this period. We are all in this together.