FIT Show Voices

Our marketing director Mike Bygrave appeared in the FIT Show Voices feature of this month’s Windows Active magazine. Here’s what he had to say…

We love the FIT Show. We’ve exhibited several times before, both in Telford and at the NEC, and we always try to bring something a little bit different. Last time we created a garden—a little oasis of calm in the middle of an otherwise hectic show. This year’s stand will be something different again.

This year we’re doing something we have never done at the FIT Show before; we’re launching a new product. And we’re very excited about it.

Tradition. Redefined.

We’re offering visitors to our stand what we call a glimpse into the future of the past. I’m not allowed to reveal any details yet, as much as I’d love to (telling the marketing guy to keep quiet about an exciting new product is tantamount to torture!), but I can say that what we’ve done represents a major step forward for traditional windows.

At Roseview we’ve built a reputation for design and innovation. We take standard products and work out how to improve them; how to make them the best that they can be. That’s a continual process and as new technology and ideas emerge, we work out how to build them into our products as new features and improvements.

The end goal is always the same—to enhance the style, simplicity and authenticity of our windows. It’s not about mimicking timber windows, it’s about designing something completely authentic, but that’s superior in terms of performance and usability. We believe that the product we’re launching at the FIT Show achieves that. Come and see for yourself on stand K45!

The Rose Collection and Incarnation

We’re not just focusing on our new product launch at the FIT Show – we’re bringing our Incarnation secondary glazing and our full suite of Rose Collection sash windows as well. Visitors to our stand will see our Ultimate Rose, Heritage Rose and Charisma Rose sash models, including a large multi-part slim mullion window. And with interest in heritage and conservation growing all the time, this is a great opportunity to come and see our range of Incarnation secondary glazing, which will be on display in several formats.

Meeting friends

Obviously the FIT Show is great for products, but for us it’s just as important as a place to meet up with our customers. We invite all our customers to come and see us at the show, where we take the opportunity to talk to them about what they’re doing, what they want or need from us, and what we’re up to. Or just to grab a coffee and a chat.

We encourage our customers to use our stand as a base (and a place to drop the endless supply of goody bags!). They come and see us, go and see some of the show, pop back for a coffee, go off and see some more etc. And when it gets really bad, we’ve got a room with chairs in so they can sit down for five minutes!

We also make sure we bring staff from various departments up to the show – not just our sales staff. It gives us and our customers a chance to put faces to people we talk to on the phone and email every day.

For the wider industry it’s a great opportunity to get together, connect with people and see what we’re all doing. Ours is a terrific industry—dynamic, innovative, helpful and friendly. We don’t often give ourselves the credit we deserve, but the FIT Show is the ideal time and place to do just that.

So come and see us on stand K45. We’ll guarantee you a friendly face, a warm welcome and – of course – a very exciting new product to check out!

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