Do sash windows need trickle vents?

In the 21st century, there is a great emphasis on insulating your home. Our homes are more energy efficient than ever, with high performing double glazing, cavity wall insulation, and layers of loft lagging effectively sealing your home from the outside world. You might, therefore, be surprised to hear that a well-ventilated home is just as important as a well-insulated one.

The importance of ventilation

When a building is completely airtight, many problems may arise. The air quality will quickly deteriorate causing problems with condensation which could lead to damp penetration, mould growth, and eventually structural damage. Although a well-insulated home is important, it is equally important to regularly ventilate your home.

Old timber windows are far less thermally efficient than their modern uPVC counterparts. While we generally view this as a negative attribute, draughty timber windows do help to keep a building well-ventilated. With draught proof seals and multi-chambered insulating uPVC profiles, an alternative way of allowing air to flow around our homes was needed.

Obviously, opening your windows is one way to ventilate your home. This, however, comes with security risks and can only be used as a temporary measure. You don’t want to leave your windows open when you’re not at home and you also won’t want your windows wide open for long on a freezing January morning. The solution to the problem was to install trickle vents into the uPVC window frames.

Trickle vents for uPVC sash windows

Trickle vents are an excellent solution to building ventilation. They ventilate your home by a method called Background Ventilation. A constant and steady flow of air is generated to provide moderate interior ventilation. A trickle vent can either be, always open, or closable with a flap. It allows air to constantly circulate around a building; preventing condensation and future damp problems without having a significant negative impact on thermal performance.

Trickle vents are an excellent solution to home ventilation. They don’t compromise on home security and can be safely left open when the property is empty. All new build properties and extensions must now have trickle vents installed in their windows to comply with Building Regulations. They are especially vital in bathrooms and kitchens where condensation is common.

At Roseview Windows, our Rose Collection sash windows are all manufactured to incorporate trickle vents into their design. Whether as part of the movable sash or located on the frame; they will help to ventilate your home and prevent associated problems. If you’d like to find out more about what Roseview Windows have to offer, contact us today. Call us on 01234 712 657 or send us a message online.