Success in heritage windows

Glass News

Recently we spoke to Glass News about what it takes to be successful in the ever-growing heritage windows market. Here’s the article…

The complete heritage window solution

Charisma Rose bay window

The heritage window market is growing all the time – and as more windows in historically-sensitive areas reach an age and condition that mean they need replacing, homeowners are increasingly faced with the dilemma of finding suitable alternatives.

The Sash Window Renaissance

Ultimate Rose

Sash windows are a timeless, stylish, quintessentially English design that immediately evokes the elegance of centuries past. In Britain, there’s no company that knows more about them, and is more passionate about them, than Olney fabricator Roseview. For forty years, the secret to Roseview’s success has been its scholarly knowledge of sash window history, and faithfulness to the classic designs …

Windows in conservation areas

Heritage Rose

I read a forum post about a council ordering someone to remove their new windows and replace them with timber ones, in line with the conservation area they’re in. Although this is a big issue in itself, and I’d need more facts before commenting on it specifically, I thought it would be useful to provide a short guide to how …